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Drop by Shugakuin for Lunch this Autumn!

Here’s a nice review from the kind folks at Deep Kyoto. Check out their website, if you will! #kyotocafe #Kyotopasta #Kyotolunch #Shugakuin #Kyotoicecream #speakenglish Cafe Foodelica September 18, 2017 By Michael Lambe Leave a Comment Not too long ago, after a visit to the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa, I was passing Cafe Foodelica and popped inside for a cappuccino and a… Read more →

各種パーティ/個展/イベントなど募集中!Want to have a party, live music or art exhibit?

皆さん今日は。酷暑お見舞い申し上げます。(English follows Japanese).今フーデリカでは9月/10月のイベント予定を作っています。各種パーティ/展覧、展示会/ワークショップ/音楽イベント等を希望される方有りましたら、是非お気軽にお声掛け下さい。 Hello, Friends of Foodelica. We are now planning our Events Calendar for the Summer and Autumn. If you’d care to have a party, an exhibition, a workshop, a music event, or just gather a few friends together, let us know and we’ll save you a space. Something like this music night or Nadia Kozulina or John Wells’… Read more →