Drop by Shugakuin for Lunch this Autumn!

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Cafe Foodelica

Not too long ago, after a visit to the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa, I was passing Cafe Foodelica and popped inside for a cappuccino and a scoop of ice cream.

Home-made ice cream. Doesn’t it look tasty?

I don’t visit Cafe Foodelica too often as I am based in Fushimi (south Kyoto) and it is situated up north by Shugakuin Station. However, it struck me as I gazed around me at the colorful retro decor, that a post on this fine bastion of healthy organic food was long overdue.

Appetizing? Very!

Foodelica is dedicated to serving great-tasting food that is healthy and chemical-free, and each dish is beautifully arranged to whet your appetite. Under the proprieter Sasha Ashburne’s careful direction the cafe has now grown to be a favorite hang-out for the local community, and in addition to serving mouth-wateringly gorgeous culinary creations, it is also an event space and sometimes an art gallery. In their own words:

“At Foodelica we try to create organic, Non-Factory Food, that we serve at very reasonable prices, with good wine, coffee and sweets, all within a fun and interesting environment. The pasta is handmade, the salads that we serve with the daily plat-du-jour are carefully designed, even down to the home-cured meat and the home-made cheese.  Foodelica is also a social hub. We speak Japanese and English. Above all, we are friendly and dedicated to making your time at the Cafe, whatever the duration may be, as pleasant as possible. Come enjoy the food, the drink, the ambience, the conversation, the art and… the value for money.”

In addition Foodelica can arrange special meals for vegetarians, vegans and others with special dietary needs as long as you contact them in advance. If you haven’t been already, here are some of the dishes you have been missing out on:

French Onion Soup
Homemade Mixed Berry Gelato
Spaghettini Vongole Bianco
Homemade 12 spice Chicken Curry

“We make almost everything from scratch, and from fresh ingredients, including our sun-dried tomato sauce, our family-made fresh pasta, flans, sausages, home-cured ham, caramel sauce, cheese, ginger ale, and ice-cream.”

OK. So how many other places do you know in Kyoto that make their own cheese?

Foodelica is also an art gallery and events venue having hosted a variety of parties including a port tasting night that I attended, and a British cheese tasting night that I sadly did not. If you are interested in having your art shown or in holding another event here, this is the good word from John Ashburne:

“Foodelica is housed in a former gallery, and thus we have all the equipment necessary – lighting rails, wires, etc – and the expertise to put on art and photography exhibits. We don’t charge a rental fee, but ask that artists hold an opening or ‘meet the artist’ party, and offer us a percentage of any sales. We are, obviously, bilingual (English/Japanese) and can also help with design of DM postcards, etc. We are especially keen to help young artists and creators.”

For further details, check this link: Want to have a party, live music or art exhibit?

Foodelica Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday (except the 4th Wednesday of the month), Thursday, & Friday: 11.30 – 15.30 (last order 14.30 pm).
Saturday & Sunday: 11.30 am ~ 18.00 pm (Last order at 17.00 pm).
Foodelica is closed on Tuesdays and the 4th Wednesday of the month.
Email: foodelica@gmail.com
Tel: 075-703-5208

Foodelica is located a short walk east of Shugakuin Station on the Eizan Dentetsu “Eiden” line. By bus you can get there by Bus number 5 to Shugakuinmichi, or Bus Kita 8 (北8) or Bus number 65 to Shugakuin Eki. Here is a MAP of the location.

Many thanks to Cafe Foodelica and John Ashburne for supplying extra pictures for this post.